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Small Magnetic Mint Micro with Log Sheet (Pack of 5)

Small Magnetic Mint Micro with Log Sheet (Pack of 5)
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Magnetic Mint Micro with Log Sheet

Do you need a magnetic mint tin but don't know how to attach the magnets or find the price of the compoenents too high to both for just or two or five or ten? Then we have a micro geocache that is right for you.

We take a small mint tin
We spray paint it black (some imperfections may be apparent)
We add 4 small magnets
We shrinkwrap the magnets to the mint tin.
We add a log sheet.
Et Voila! A magnetic mint tin just the right size and style to hide magetised to almost anything that you can think of.

These micro caches are made from ex-mint tins so thay are not waterproof and you should really hide them out of the elements (hence the magnets).

They have four small rare earth magnets attached so you can place your micro cache anywhere there is an iron structure.

The magnets are attached using heat shrink tubing to ensure that they do not come apart from the body of the geocache like some glues will. You can be assured that they will stay safe and attached for a long, long time.

The magnets won't win any awards for massive weight suspension but they will hold this micro container without issues.

Speaking of log sheets each cache comes with a long log sheet with room for over 100 signatures ensuring your cache doesn't need log maintenance for a good length of time. 

So put your time to better use, buy a set of magnetic mint micros and help out Geocaching Australia.

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